Have you heard about the TalkToWendys wendys Survey? If you have, you are most likely interested about this great chance to access the talk to Wendy’s Survey using TalkToWendy’s official website and participate as a customer of Talktowendys (www.talktowendys.com). This article is your best guide to accessing the Wendys Survey site www.talktowendys.com using the right methods.


TalkToWendys Wendys Survey

Wendy’s customers can answer talk to wendy’s survey questions about their most recent visit to the restaurant in exchange for a reward they can redeem. The feedback of the customers will help Wendy’s find out if their services are satisfactory or not, so each participant is given a code to redeem the freebies printed on their most recent receipt. The Wendys Survey is about the General Satisfaction, Hospitality of the Staff, Food Quality, Speed of Service, Accuracy of Order, Meal Value, and others.

TalktoWendys survey

Wendy’s Survey – Requirements to Participate

Before taking the talktowendys Survey, you should be able to understand English, French, or Spanish. You have to prepare these items as they are needed to access the site successfully:

  • Laptop, PC, or mobile gadget with access to the internet.
  • A valid and recent receipt from Wendy’s with the talktowendys survey invitation code.


TalkToWendys – Policies for Entering the Wendy’s Sweepstakes

You can only enter the talk to wendy’s survey and win a free meal if you are a US resident who is at18 years old and above. Otherwise, your entry is invalid.


TalkToWendys – Winning from Wendy’s Customer Survey

As soon as you complete the talk to wendy’s survey, you will be given a talktowendys Survey Feedback redemption code that you can if you want to redeem your free meal in Wendy’s stores.

talktowendys survey guide

Talktowendys  Guidelines (www.talktowendys.com)

If you wish to take the talktowendys Wendys Survey, you can use the following guides here. They are created to teach users about a faster and simpler process to answer the talk to wendy’s survey. The Quick Guide has simple steps so that you can access talktowendys Wendys Survey and finish answering as soon as possible. The Step By Step Guide provides you tips and images on and comprehensive descriptions of everything you need to finish the talk to wendy’s Wendys Customer Survey quickly. If you like video instruction better, you can watch the Video Guide for the step-by-step procedure.


TalkToWendys Survey – Detailed Guide

The following steps in taking the talktowendys Wendys Survey are important, so make sure you don’t miss one. Take note of the things you need to prepare by reading the Prerequisites for talktowendys  prior to starting with the talk to wendy’s survey. Keep your recent Wendy’s receipt after buying your food from Wendy’s. Click here to access the official website of  talktowendys Wendy’s survey.

  • Upon entering the talktowendys Wendys Survey, you will need to select which language you prefer to use for the talk to wendy’s survey. Choose from these options: To continue in English, Pour continuer en Français, and Para continuar en Español. After clicking on your preferred option, click Next.


  • At the next page, you will meet questions like “If you have a receipt and want to take the TalkToWendys Survey” or “If you have a question or comment for the Wendy’s”. Since you are here to take the talk to wendy’s survey, click Take talk to wendy’s Survey and you will be redirected to the talk to wendy’s survey site.


  • Take out your receipt and find where these information are located: 8-digit restaurant number, Date on the receipt, Amount of your purchase, and Your Email address. Enter them on their respective field’s then Click Next after completing the all fields.

talktowendys question-1

  • Your next question will be about the Date of purchase, and the Order Type. The Order Type has two options. Select the type between the options “At the drive-thru” or “In the restaurant”. When you choose “In the restaurant”, you need to specify whether the order was “Dine in” or “To go”. After selecting the right options, click Next for the next step.

talktowendys question-2

  • The talktowendys survey will take you to another page, where you will be asked how likely you will visit the restaurant again. The answers for this part of talk to wendy’s Wendys Survey could be Extremely unlikely, Neither, Extremely likely. Once you have selected an option, click Next.

talktowendys question-3

  • The next question is about your experience during your last visit. Select YES or NO as your answer to whether you have negative concerns during last visit or not, then click Next.

talktowendys question-4

  • Next, a few options will be laid to you and you are free to choose which meals on the menu you want to comment or suggest something about. Both positive and negative feedbacks are welcome. After selecting your preferred item from the menu, you will need to answer a few questions about it before and then you can click the Next button.      talktowendys question-5This part of the talk to wendy’s survey is about the type of meal you ordered from the menu. Select which menu you ordered during your recent visit. After clicking Next, you will be redirected to a page where you will answer talk to wendy’s survey questions about the particular menu you chose earlier. You will be asked to rate and comment about the quality or the food, then you can click Next.

talktowendys question-6

  • The next page will talk about your experience with their talktowendys fries. If you have tried their fries, select YES (or if not, select NO) then you will need to rate your experience with is as Extremely dissatisfied, Neither, or Extremely Satisfied. Afterwards, click on the Next Button and you will be sent to the next page.

talktowendys question-7

  • At the next page, you will need to answer whether accuracy of the talktowendys service was satisfying for you or not. Then, you can click Next and you will be redirected to another page.
  • The next page is where you will also rate your satisfaction for their Speed of Service whether you didn’t wait too long or you spent almost an hour waiting.

talktowendys question-8

  • Click Next for the next question, which is about the talk to wendy’s Wendy Customer Service pertaining to the cordiality of the staff. Rate them with Extremely dissatisfied, Neither, or Extremely Satisfied. Then, click Next after you are done rating their services.

talktowendys question-9

  • Aside from the hospitality, you will also need to rate whether the staff did their job excellently or now. Proceed to the next page of talktowendys Wendys Feedback by clicking Next.
  • On the next page, talktowendys Wendy Survey will ask you about the general tidiness of the restaurant. After answering how satisfied you are, click Next.

talktowendys question-14

  • Then, you will need to rate how you like the ambiance and the physical appearance of the restaurant- talk to wendy’s. Click Next after providing your answer.
  • In this page, you will be able to talk about a person or an experience that positively affected your stay in the restaurant by filling in the details of the situation on the dialogue box provided. Afterwards, you can provide extra information to talktowendys Wendy Survey like your age, frequency of visit, gender, and whether you are a resident of the same location of the Wendy’s restaurant you visited. Also, you can choose not to provide these information to the site if you want to keep your privacy and just go on the next page by clicking Next.

talktowendys question-15

  • After completing the talktowendys Wendy’s Customer Survey, open your e-mail and expect to receive the Wendys Validation Code in your inbox. Write this redemption code on your receipt and keep it because it is needed for the redemption of the coupon or discount from the outlet.

TalkToWendys – Ways to Redeem the Wendys Survey Code

To redeem the offer on your receipt, you need the redemption code provided by Wendy’s as a reward customers who participated and completed the talktowendys survey. Check your e-mail after the talk to wendy’s survey because Wendy’s will send the redemption code there.


Wendys Survey – More About Wendy’s

Dave Thomas was the founder of this restaurant and he opened the first Wendy’s outlet on November 15, 1969 in Columbus City of Ohio, USA. On January 29, 2009, the new Wendy’s headquarters was transferred to Dublin Ohio. Today, Wendy has grown to be the third biggest hamburger fast food chain all over the world with more than 6,500 outlets across the globe.


TalkToWendys – Useful Links

Official talk to wendy’s Survey Site of  TALKTOWENDYS: https://www.wendyswantstoknow.com/

Official Website for Wendy’s: https://www.wendys.com/


TalkToWendys – Contacting Wendy’s

  • Wendy’s Headquarters Location: Corporate Office, Dublin, OH, USA.

Wendys Kapolei Address: 490 Kamokila Blvd, Kapolei, HI 96707, USA(+1 808-674-2737)

Corporate Office Phone Number: +1 614-764-3100.(Wendy’s Complaint Center)

  • Call Wendy’s customer service hotline using the number +1 614-792-7466.(U.S) (Wendys Survey Phone Number)
  • Visit www.talktowendys.com if you want to know more about TalkToWendys Wendy’s Survey from their official website or you can ask from the comment box below regarding additional information and clarifications on Talk To Wendy’s wendys survey guidelines.